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Please see my reply —> 

1 – Is it possible to rename the ‘Actions’ label on the Advanced Search to something else, like ‘property type’ for example?

—–> The easiest way to rename theme fields is using POEdit tool as it it explained in this forum topic:

2 – Is it possible to change the ‘Actions’ drop down on the Advanced Search to be a radio button instead of a dropdown?

—–> I understand what you wish but this can be achieved only with custom work. Unfortunately we haven’t made this before so we can even guide how this change must be made. I recommend you to look for a developer that can guide you to do  this change.

3 – Once a customer selects an option in the ‘Actions’ section on the Advanced search, is it possible to:

• If Sales selected: Hide lettings Search, show Sales Search.
• If Lettings selected: Hide Sales Search, show Lettings Search.

You can see an example of the Advanced Search we have on our site at:

—>In our theme exist only one advanced search that doesn’t have the feature that you asking for. This feature to can be achieved only with custom work. We haven’t done for anyone such change before so we can advise you if it is technically possible. Also notice that this is not an easy change at all and can be a risky change because couldn’t work.

If you wish to make this change I recommend you to look for a skilled developer that can assist you.

Our best idea is to look for a freelance developer on envato studio –

I don’t know any specific name to recommend.

Thank you for understanding and I am really sorry we cannot do more to help,