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Thank you very much for your interest in our theme. Please see my answer below:

1) Are you available for freelance customization work?

–> Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll reply to this there. In general, we do changes, but depends on the schedule we have and the changes you wish to make.

2) Is it possible to inverse the City/Area relationship? i.e. At present Areas fall under the city but in my country (New Zealand) we have regions which contain Cities.

–> Yes, but easiest is to just re-name them with POEDIT, so you don’t make changes in PHP – please see this forum

3) Is buddypress required to manage the customer account side of things or can the theme handle this on its own?

–> No. The theme has its own registration as you see on demo –

4) I really need to remove agents from the picture, can do this by editing PHP etc. but need to know how to remove from property of the week shortcode.

–> So you have no agents at all, not even manually created. Just go to each property – and make sure that for agent responsible NONE is selected.

Then the shortcode will be without agent image – like in this example (see Boutique Space Greenvile)

Thank you