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hi Anna,
Thank you so much for your help and patience 🙂
My projects are entire buldings (each with several appartment types) and I am using actions as number of rooms so that each project might be connected to several actions but allways to only one category (in my case, the categories are “sold”, “future” or “in marketing”).
I tried to upload a different pin to the combinations, example:
4 rooms + sold = gray pin
4 rooms + in marketing = red pin
after saving the settings I see that the same pin (gray pin) is entered in both combinations. It will not accept 2 different pins.
I am satisfied with entering pins only by category but when I entered only those fields I see on the map that only projects that are NOT connected to ANY action receive pins on it.
If you need the login info I am happy to send by e-mail but I fear you will have a hard time with the site as the installation is in hebrew…
thanks again!