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Islam Hanafieh

hello again.. here is the steps to translate it..

first: translate the words:
1. go to your website cPanel.
2. go to phpMyAdmin and select your wordpress database.
3. from the top toolbar select Search .
4. in the Words or values to search type sold and select all tables by pressing Select All then press Go.
5. now you will find 1 match inside table ardcom_options Browse Delete press the Browse link.
6. change the 2 option_value into your new values (you can add more than 2 values).

second: edit CSS style file:
1. go to your style sheet file style.css.
2. search for word sold and change it into the new name (adding - in place of spaces. for example new name must be new-name in the style.css ).
3. do the same for open-house .

now the 2 words have been translated 😀 .