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Hello guys,

Really sorry for the delay. I am travelling since last week and this week also, and I catch up on my emails with delay.

Please see my reply below:

problem 1:
through the advanced search can filter your search (rent / sale). But if I wanted to create a page with all the rents and with all sales to link to the navigation menu. I do not understand how it works. Example: in the homepage, I Latest Properties for Rent, the button ‘more listings “I send ToTo wpestate demo, instead I would like him to go on the page where my shows the list of all the rental property.

–> The link is copied from Admin – Properties – Actions in this Case – find Rentals – Mouse Over – Click “VIEW” and you have the link.

–> Then go to Admin – Pages – Edit Homepage and in the shortcode LATEST RENTALS you’ll have link input. Change the demo link with the link from above.

Problem 2:
How do I add icons (phone and email) in the top left?

–> First enable the User Top Menu – from Admin – Theme Options – General Settings – Enable Top Bar and select yes (help

–> Then add the 2 text widgets from Admin – Appearance – Widgets (to Top Header Left area). We have the codes in the other theme help and you can copy as they are here!/header_widgets

If you need more assistance with this please let me know.

Thank you