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Hi Martin,

Please see my reply below:

1. How do I create separate page for rentals and separate page for sales so visitors can direclty access these pages from the navigation menu?

–> WordPress has a setting that can help you do this really quickly. Just go to Admin – Menu and in header click “Settings” Check categories, areas, city, action and all the categories you have will show on the left.

From there select and add to menu the pages you need. Help!/menu

2. When I remove County and State from the submitting form, remaining fields are not positioned correctly. I’ve got WPresidence theme and found your instructions you published for WPEstate to fix this issue, however it can’t be applied for WPresidence

—> The fields are a little different. They may not work the same. This is the kind of PHP modification that has to be done to know the code order. The idea it to change the order for firs_column and first_column_last in PHP code. And you have to do this in other php templates than WPESTATE. This takes me time and I will try to help in the little free time I have this week. Just email me FTP credentials and WP-ADMIN credentials at [email protected]

3. I need to translate whole content and some words such as (hot offer, new offer, More search options, My property list, ADD PROPERTY) can not be translated from LOCO translate. Is there any other way?

–> hot offer and all the status are written directly in the language you wish to have in Theme Options – Listing Labels (help!/editsettings). There are other details you add in there.

–> More Search Options, My Properties List, Add property – these are default text that should work. I don’t know how loco translate works. So I don’t know what it doesn’t work. So please email me your wp-admin and I will see how I can help.

You can use Codestyle Localization for sure to rescan the theme and then translate. But I need to see to be sure this is what you need.

Thank you