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Hello Crerem.
control.js was not changed, and have same parameters.
I think some problems with my php tell me please if you can see some errors –

<div id="advanced_search_map_button_mobile" style="display:none;">
     Расширенный поиск</div>
<div class="adv-search-mobile" id="adv-search-mobile">
<div id="closeadvancedmobile"></div>    
 <form role="search" method="post" action="">
                              <form role="search" method="post" action="">
                                  <div class="adv_search_internal advz1"> 
                        <select id="adv_actions_2_mobile"  name="filter_search_action[]"  class="cd-select" >
                            <option value="all"><?php _e('All Listings','wpestate'); ?></option>
                            <?php print $actions_select; ?>

                    <div class="adv_search_internal advz2"> 
                        <select id="adv_categ_2_mobile"  name="filter_search_type[]" class="cd-select" >
                            <option value="all"><?php _e('All Types','wpestate'); ?></option>
                            <?php print $categ_select; ?>
                           <div class="adv_search_internal ">
                                <input type="number" max="15" min="1" id="rooms" name="rooms" placeholder="Спальных мест" class="advanced_select">

        <input name="submit" type="submit" class="btn vernil small mobilesubmit" id="advanced_submit_2" value="Search">



Search parameters have default ID’s – Actions, Categories, Rooms…
This is result – Result adv mob search