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Hi Paolo,

1. Even if the agent page is now automatically created, in each property form the “Agent Responsible” remains preset to none instead of automatically assign each property to the agent who has entered it. So I need to do it manually, as administrator.

-> I need more info.
-> Are you testing with an account that is also ADMIN? Then this is correct behavior.
-> If the account is created before the update to 2.03, then this is correct behavior also. We mention this in the help file.
-> plus, I just tested and new accounts work. I deleted my test accounts.

For previous accounts before 2.03, you have to create the accounts again. Then you can edit the properties from PRoperties – Edit Property – and assign the Agent Responsible (new users/agents will show on that dropdown).

2 A new agent/agency can create for itself a user position even if he/she/it doesn’t indicate the (required, in the edit user form) email. But, in the absence of the email, I’m unable to make any change through “Edit User” and I’m forced to contact the RE agency to ask them for it.

-> The email is mandatory, unless users register with Facebook or the other social accounts. You shouldn’t add an email for those users, as their account will not be the same. Once they register with a social account, they have to keep logging in with that account.
-> If you leave just the regular registration, email will be mandatory.

3 When a new agent/agency create a position, “Listings available” in “Edit User” is automatically set to -1, so no property can be placed from the new user until I modify this data, deleting the “-1″ present and leaving no data.

-> Looking into wp-admin, I see that you have free listings. When does this happen?
-> In my test I was able to publish properties right away.
-> Also, it’s very important to set the MEMBERSHIP before users start registering (when you start the website). We have this in the manual, but you probably haven’t went through all text. When you move the membership from free to paid – to membership paid after users are registered, numbers will not be updated in the past (only for new accounts).

4. Although it has been explained to them that the photographs must be in widescreen and never vertical, some customers seem impervious to understand this simple concept. Is there a way (or a plugin) to force WP Estate cuts the placed images in widescreen format?

-> Yes, you can use this plugin
-> You can resize the images based on max width or max height.

5. Some customers do not realize that the last photo that they entered will appear as the featured image, so they end up to start their listings with a photograph of a bathtub. Is it possible – as administrator – to change the order of images afterwards?

-> Yes. You can go into EDIT PROPERTY – Featured Image – delete the featured image and select another other from IMAGES ATTACHED TO THIS POST – or, as it says in your italian WP version – LIBRERIA MEDIA – CARICATO IN QUESTO ARTICOLO.

Hope this helps!