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Thank you for the email. I’ve been waiting for it πŸ™‚

Advanced Search
1. All Listings: Ok
2. All Types: Change to All States
-> For this you should use POEDIT or Codystyle Localisation plugin. Create a new .mo in en_US and rename your labels. That does the trick. You have a post forum about it here –

3. All Cities: Ok

4. All Areas: Ok

5. Minim Price change to: Search Title
6. Maxim Price change to: Search Keyword

-> This is advanced Search I assume. Price is a property field. You can replace it with another property field only from Theme Options – Custom labels – Turn to Yes and then select the fields you want to show.

Search Title – I see this as the WordPress search function. If you set in Theme Options – Appearance – Advanced Search Type – and select Type 1 you will have the General WordPress search on the map as well. You can edit the Label with POEDIT and name it “Search Title” as it searches through all titles and description on the website.

(Map locates the listings while typing in the keyword, no need to click search button).
——> This is AJAX search which we don’t have. It’s a new feature and it would require custom development hours.
——-> I’m not sure how the keyword would work so I can consult with my partners and send you a rough estimation. If you can show me an example it would be great.

7. Rooms Number: Change to a Calendar, should state β€œFrom
-> It’s easier if you delete the field rather than edit it. The files you’d need to modify are these:

-> It may be easier if you rename Rooms to something else and use that field for something you need.

-> Then add a new custom field with Available From and Available to calendar type.
Help manual :

8. Available From: Calendar now says From, should state β€œTo”.
-> You can edit this label from Theme Options.
Help manual –

**********If 7 and 8 are for Advanced Search, you can remove them from Theme Options – Advanced Search custom.

**********Help manual –

* Search Properties: Change to the same As Above.
* Search Listings: Change to the same As Above.

-> This I don’t quite understand, but maybe the above answer clears this as well.

Mortgage Calculator: Delete
-> This is a widget which you can choose not to add on the sidebar on your domain. If you don’t add it to sidebar, it doesn’t show anywhere in the site.

Add: Post Reviews with Ratings
Add: Map & Get Directions for each listing page.
Add: Event Search Plug-in?
-> All these 3 would require custom development. If you’re interested in an offer, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.