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the modification is not very easy. You need to be fluent in php and javascript and have some knowledge about Google Maps APi.

First you need to add the info you want into a php array that is “transported” into javascript files. You are doing this into pin-management.php into listing_pins() function

Then in google_map_code.js, google_map_code_home,google_map_code_prop you need to read this array and add the desired detail into the marker .
You do this in this line
var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
position: myLatLng,
map: map,
icon: custompin(beach[8]),
shape: shape,
title: decodeURIComponent( beach[0].replace(/\+/g,’ ‘)),
zIndex: beach[3],
infoWindowIndex : i

then you need to add these info into bubble – you are doing this in the same files – you are doing this on these kind of instructions

infoBox.setContent(‘<div class=”info_details ‘+extra_adv_class+'” ><span id=”infocloser” onClick=\’javascript:infoBox.close();\’ ></span>‘+info_image+’‘+title+’<div class=”prop_details”><span id=”info_inside”>’+type+” “+in_type+” “+type2+this.price+'</span></div>’ );