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Here again πŸ™‚

Anna, I state to be totally ignorant in PHP but …it seems to me that the changes should be made ​​to the file ‘single-estate_property.php’.

Have I to generate a new singl

    e-estate_property.php’s file in the child theme with the new code that I would edit in order to apply changes to the original one and maintain them after subsequent updates? Then, have I to delete the fields that are useless for my needs or have I to change their ‘true’ status into another one? (If yes, in what?). Or… is it better that I wait for your instructions? πŸ™‚

    Well, in detail, the main objectives are:

  • have a personalized Listing ID instead of the one generated automatically (that might be hidden, being conflicting with the one assigned from agencies);
  • hide the fields Area, County, State, Zip and Country because the site is operating on a single county and without any areas
  • hide the field Neighborhood / Area wherever it appears

Thanks again