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Hi Mag,

I chose my order – City/Area etc – chose front end labels to be Country/City – seems to have no effect, it displays the original name, but I can probs sort that out right from the php files.

-> I’m not sure I understand this problem. You have problems editing names All Cities to All Countries and All Areas to All Cities?
-> If this is the case, you can simply use POEDIT – like I explain here –

Further, when I select City from the dropdown in search widget or on listings page, that seems to affect Area list and nothing shows up.

-> I don’t quite understand this one. There is an option in Theme Options that allows to to show on Advanced Search areas/cities with properties or without properties. Maybe it’s that setting you’re referring to?

I can only pick Areas if I select All Cities in the first dropdown. All Areas are assigned to Cities in the WP admin.

-> It should work as on Demo. If you assign areas to city, then Areas are dependent on the city selected. This is normal. But you should see areas if you click on All Areas dropdown

Again, I may not be understanding correctly your problem. If you can send me a link to your website, and a screenshot, I’m sure I can help more. You can email me these details at [email protected]

Thank you