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Hi Joakim,

I used the latest recent items shortcode (from v2.03) and the advanced search shortcode.

You have to create a page (default template), add the shortcodes then select from Setting-Reading that page as homepage.

If you have v2.03, just copy paste this code and make the edits to match your domain IDs. You can install HH columns plugin to see the IDs faster.

[container_content title=”Latest Properties for Rent” border=””][recent_items type=”properties” category_ids=”” action_ids=”2″ city_ids=”” area_ids=”” number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=””][/container_content]

[container_content title=”Latest Properties for Sale” border=””][recent_items type=”properties” category_ids=”” action_ids=”3″ city_ids=”” area_ids=”” number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=””][/recent_items][/container_content]

Search All Properties

[advanced_search][/advanced_search][spacer height=”10″]

Let me know if you need help.