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Hi G,

Please see my answer below

1. Am looking to create a page like the link below, Search Type > Land for example.
However I don’t want the search function to be on the page, How can I hide this so the properties are the 1st thing on the page?

—> Please go here and tell me the link again. The above link is always opening homepage (it’s the frame from theme forest).

2. Iv created new Categories and I looking to replace the code below on homepage v5 what is it I change in the short code to bring in new properties is it the ID ? whats does type refer to?

[container_content title=”Homes for Rent” border=”listingborder”][list_items_by_id type=”properties” ids=”384,399,360,376″ number=”4″ rows=”1″ link=””][/list_items_by_id][/container_content]

—-> This is the shortcode by ID. Type means properties or articles (blog posts).
You need the 2nd shortcode – recent ITEMS to show properties by categories. Looks like this

[recent_items type=”properties” category_ids=”” action_ids=”” city_ids=”” area_ids=”” number=”how many items/row” rows=”1″ link=”link to global listing”][/recent_items]

To see IDs easier, install the HH COLUMNS plugin. It will help a lot.

If you need more help please let me know.

Thank you,