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Hi Sebastian,

We’ve never done this. I assume you know your way in WordPress development.

This is the best I can help you with:

1. Edit the message that tells the user his package has reached its limit. I need to either add a link to the table page here or insert the table on this page. Which file do I edit.

-> did a search in the theme files.
-> The message is written in libs/templates/front-end-submission.php ~98

2. I need to disable the paypal & package info on the profile (but not switch it off in the admin area)
-> You can use this CSS:
.submit_container {
display: none;

3. Find a way to link the user details to the payment details to re-conciliate the package info in the admin area.

-> This one I can’t help with as it would require we do the actual development.
-> Right now, the user’s account is updated after payment is made at PayPal. We have IPN messages being sent to the theme to confirm payment was done and processed. The connections are made in many files and they’re all connected to PayPal gateway API.
-> You need a total different way of handling payments, a way which we haven’t done yet. The entire process has to be modified.
-> We spent ~40 hours on PayPal. Adding a different gateway takes less, but it’s still a lot of time.

I thought you wanted to make payments independent from the theme, and update the user account and package manually. That you can do.

Hope this helps. It’s really the best I can do.