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Hi, ok, hmm let me try to explain.

The code I pasted will show up as a menu if less the 960px if I understand correct.

The thing is that on my site, I have a footer widget based on a different menu (not the standard one). The ID of that menu is for example “961”.

The thing I am after is to show menu 961 if less then 960px instead of “primany menu”, which it does now.

I also do not want to show the primary menu on devices less then 960px, since the primary menu is hidden, which means no items will show up on devices less then 960px, only “go to…” them empty.

IF I selevt the meny “961” as the primary menu in wordpress that meny will also appear on the top of the wpestate theme if wider then 960, which I do not want..

So basicly I want to show menu “961” instead of the primany menu on devices that shows less then 960px.

I hope I didnt overcomplicate matters?

Best regards