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Hi Ben,

Thank you for the comment. I will list the items you should check. If all is ok, and you still can’t make this work, I will kindly ask you to send me a link (wp=admin credentials) to make a test with my paypal account.

1. Make sure that in the theme you have a page created with the custom template “PayPal Processor”

2. Make sure that if you set PayPal API to SANDBOX, your API info is for sandbox (test). If you set PayPal API to LIVE, your API is for LIVE URL.

3. There are 2 sets of API you need to post for membership. Make sure both APIs are created correctly:

Login and create a PayPal Application at this URL Copy the Client ID and Secret Key provided for LIVE URL.


API2: is chapter 6.5.3 PayPal Membership Packages with Recurring Option (scroll down).

4. Make sure you PayPal account is set to accept payments automatically (and it’s not set to manually review each payment).

If you need my help, please email me anytime. I’ll help you set this up asap.

Thank you