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Hi Rob,

For item 1 –
Yes, you can use child theme, but it depends on what modifications you have and how comfortable you are with WordPress devel. It’s easier to make in child theme only the additional change. You may need to de-register and register again some functions to work.

For item 2:
To add more fields, use the Theme Options – Property Custom Fields options. Does exactly what you need. You can use this help
And if you have questions, just let me know.

To remove fields, some items in Address are asked by the “pin to map” button. County and State are not mandatory, so you can just comment them. You’ll need to comment then in front end submission form as well.

For item 3:
Yes, sure you can re-label those fields. Create a “translate” .po file and re-name them in .po I explain here the steps.

It’s really easy to modify terms in .po (takes like 5 minutes) and you don’t need to worry about child theme.

For item 3:
Categories are listed in alphabetical order.
You can change the filter order, but not sure at this moment how.
Look into libs/templates/front-end-submission.php and user-dashboard-add.php (the filter is in one of these 2) Let me know if you found it or if you need more help.

Thank you