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Lee Bumstead

Hi Anna,

Many thanks for the code. That really sorted it out for me. And thanks for sorting out the menu. That was going to be my next question.

Now that the map looks better. How do I centre it on the property? Can’t work out how to do that.

The booking thing isn’t a plugin – though I might suggest that to them. It’s a website called “Full Slate” ( – they do online booking diaries, mainly used by hairdressers – but I found it really useful for creating bookings forms for each property. And it’s just inserted using an Iframe, a little bit of coding, and I used one of the fields that I didn’t use (square foot I think) to add the relevant diary code.

I would recommend it to any real estate agent, looking to get more viewings. People really like it, because it allows them to book viewings without having to actually to speak and at a time they want.

Cheers, Lee.