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Thank you guys, I am combining both suggestions.
However, this brings me to a few other questions.
Question 1:
Which files do I edit to change the User Dashboard “Listed In” drop-down selection box to a check-box, (like it is in the WordPress Dashboard when editing the property)?
The reason I would like to have this done is so that when a person is searching for Property in any of these Action/Listed In categories, the property is shown in the search results. However, if the person is searching for either a Sale or Rental property, the property still does not get left out because it also belongs to one of these Action categories.

Question 2:
I created a custom field (Sale Price), and I have made it a numeric field which is also searchable via the Advanced Search. Now I would like to have it formatted the way the “Price” field is, so that it automatically adds the currency symbol “$” and “,” at the correct decimal places when being displayed to the end user, how would I begin to accomplish this?

Thanks again,