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Hi Ernesto,

I just finished looking over this. I had to edit the category “b&b” slug as it wasn’t correctly written. It should be created by wordpress.

I also added custom CSS for checker width and property detail height:

.checker {
width: 192px;

.property_listing {
min-height: 383px;

You should add these to child theme style.css, to not overwrite the responsive CSS.

Now the properties list displays all 27 lists. I edited the number of properties shown on one page from Theme Options, to check the number. You can edit that back after you confirm all listings are there.

I also added custom advanced search, with the fields you had there, but i changed the order a little as Advanced Search type has only 6 custom posts, since type + category are default.

All looks ok for me. Please test and confirm. If you need my help, please let me know.

Thank you