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Hi Joakim,

Where do i find the countries list? When adding a property I can only choose english translation, so instead of getting “Sverige”, i get “Sweden”.
On the other hand, I would like to remove that completly since I will only be operating in Sweden, which makes that field unnecessary…

-> You can hide the dropdown, but you’ll need to play with CSS. I haven’t modified the code for any client, but one sent me these notes in case anybody else wants to do the same.

Wrote it all with CSS3 so I added

[for=”property_country”] {display: none;}
[id=”property_country”] {display: none;}

the “for” is the Label, and the “id” is the drop down itself.
I only had the label hidden and the drop down was hidden with regular CSS which also affected the other fields on the page.
so after adding the CSS3 for the country field it hid the field and left everything else alone.

– Modifying the dropdown to have only 1 value can be done in the code. The file is theme-admin.php (there are listed all countries). But you need to know PHP to make sure you don’t brake anything.


The slug is the link, yes.

I uploaded an image that will be in the manual soon:

If that doesn’t work, then it’s probably that your search problems are related to Swedish characters (same as German). We have a fix for that in 2.04 which is work in progress. I can email the files to you sooner, if it’s the case. Just email me at [email protected]

Thank you