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Hi Joakim,

Thank you for the email.

“New Image” – not translating, will check and if it’s not, we’ll add it in the next version 2.03

For Advanced Search, here’s the help you need to get you started.

Basically, there are 3 important rules:

1. If you modify category, action, city and area, make sure TITLE and SLUGS match. Better delete slug and click save. WordPress saves it correctly.
2. If you use Custom Advanced Search, make sure you don’t have “non logical” settings
3. In Advanced Search custom fields (like numbers) don’t add “.” (commas).

I won’t have time to do a video, although I will as soon as I can. If you can’t set this up, send me an email with your wp-admin credentials at [email protected]

I’ll help you.

Thank you!