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Hi Tony,

I will answer each question one by one. Hope it helps.

I was hoping someone could explain exactly what happens with Users Listings when they “upgrade” or add subscription services when they already have listings, either free or paid, and before any of those listings expire.

If I want to provide a Free Listing for new users that lasts 6 weeks. And, if the user needs more listing time, they buy a subscription, for example: 1 listing for 3 months.

What happens?

———> First of all, I must clear that all Packages you create should have a fee.

———> The FREE listings (free membership) you can assign by default to new registered users don’t have an expiration date. If a user registers, and you offer 1 free listing, user can publish only this 1 listing and the submission form is no longer available unless he purchases a package with more listings. But this one listing is published for un-definite term.

———> Let’s say he upgrades to a package with 5 listings that are available for 1 week. After upgrade, his account will have 1 listing (published before) + 4 available listings.

———> His membership is valid 1 week, whether user adds listings or not.

Does the new subscription provide an extra (new) listing?

———> No. All his published listings are deducted from his current account. If he deletes a listing, then that listing is still deducted from his account.

Does it upgrade the existing listing from 6 weeks, or whatever remains, to 3 months + remaining?

———-> The listing is published for as long as his membership is valid.

Below is a quote from the help manual…

“If user’s package expires because he didn’t renew or he doesn’t have money in account, the package returns to FREE MEMBERSHIP by default. All his listings will have status EXPIRED (expired won’t show in listings). If user decided to renew package, he can re-submit listings for approval. He’ll be able to re-submit only the number of listings allowed by his package.”

Question 1: if “Returning to FREE MEMBERSHIP” as stated above, and Free Membership gets a Free 6 week Listing (as stated in Example One), will this reinstate the free listing and provide an extra 6 weeks, or is FREE MEMBERSHIP and FREE LISTING a totally separate thing?

———> When user downgrades, all his current properties are set to status EXPIRED. He can choose only the number of properties included in his current membership to re-submit for approval. If Free membership has 1 listing, he can re-submit 1 listing.

Question 2: When a package expires, what happens to the “DATA” of the users listing? What does “Re-Submitting” mean exactly?

———-> It’s a button available in User Dashboard. He just clicks on the button.

Is the Data Lost, requiring the user to re-submit and upload all of the data?

———–> All data is saved, in his account. It’s just that properties are not published anymore.

Or is the Data retained, and an option is provided to re-instate the listing as it was previously posted?

————> The button sends the property to “pending status”. Admin receives a notification and he just approves the property.