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OK thanks, I get most of it. Subscriptions get a total #number of listings, they do not accumulate.

But I need to double check on a couple of points with a refinement of the questions based on your responses.


Deleting a listing, whether it is a Free (forever) Listing or a Paid (subscription) Listing, removes the option to list another property over and over again. Correct or Not?

I buy a subscription for 6 months that includes 1 listing.
I list a condo for rent. In 1 month, the property rents out and I delete the listing. Can I create a new listing with a different property as I still have 5 months of subscription time?
Note: Same question would apply for 1 Free listing with indefinite expiration, when I delete the listing, I no longer can list anything?


When a user has a paid subscription, for example 1 listing for 6 weeks. And the payment is not set to recurring. If the user decides to pay for the same listing again, before the current listing expires, what happens to the time provided for the listing?


User buys a subscription with 1 listing for 6 weeks.
In 3 weeks, user buys (updates) the subscription with the same purchase – 1 listing for 6 weeks again (That is 3 weeks before the current subscription finishes).

Will user now have 1 listing with 9 available weeks?
Or will the subscription restart with only 6 weeks?

In other words, does the theme calculate the sum of a users multiple subscription purchases and append leftover time to a users new subscription? Or simply restart time from zero (0)?