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Hi Tony,

Please see the reply below


Deleting a listing, whether it is a Free (forever) Listing or a Paid (subscription) Listing, removes the option to list another property over and over again. Correct or Not?

—> Correct. We wanted to make sure there is no way to “trick” the membership.

I buy a subscription for 6 months that includes 1 listing.
I list a condo for rent. In 1 month, the property rents out and I delete the listing. Can I create a new listing with a different property as I still have 5 months of subscription time?

—-> No, you can’t. You buy a membership for the listings included in the package. If user has sold the property and wishes to use the same spot for a 2nd property, he can edit the property and replace everything in there.

Note: Same question would apply for 1 Free listing with indefinite expiration, when I delete the listing, I no longer can list anything?

—> Yes.


When a user has a paid subscription, for example 1 listing for 6 weeks. And the payment is not set to recurring. If the user decides to pay for the same listing again, before the current listing expires, what happens to the time provided for the listing?

—> PayPal memberships have some rules and these can’t be modified.
—> One of these rules is that one user can have 1 unique membership ID per account. This means user can only have 1 paid membership active.


User buys a subscription with 1 listing for 6 weeks.
In 3 weeks, user buys (updates) the subscription with the same purchase – 1 listing for 6 weeks again (That is 3 weeks before the current subscription finishes).

Will user now have 1 listing with 9 available weeks?

—> No. User will have 1 listing for 6 weeks (last purchase)

Or will the subscription restart with only 6 weeks?

—> Correct.

In other words, does the theme calculate the sum of a users multiple subscription purchases and append leftover time to a users new subscription? Or simply restart time from zero (0)?

—-> Time restarts from 0 when user purchases again. Previous subscription is removed and updated in user account.

Thank you