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Hi Chris,

One Question about NEW: Membership & Packages option: Turns registered users into agents automatically (with on/off control)

Does this apply only to registered users who did a purchase of a membership package or to all? There is no reason to make a user as Agent if he just have an account. Why dont make an option to convert a user -that have purchased a package and have some properties in their list- into an Agent?

—–> Right now, this option makes all registered users agents. Admin can delete manually agents that appear on Agent List, or he can show agents he wants on the site, on a page using the featured agents shortcode.

——> Adding more checks (or conditions) to make registered user -> agent, makes the site difficult to run and can lead to loading problems on shared hosting (more processes that have to run in background every time user is created, buys packages, package expires and so on. We have to consider all aspects, for all clients.

——> If additional features to this function are needed, we can discuss this as custom development.

Thank you,