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Hello Anna,

thank you for your explanation.
I’m aware of how wpmu is working, but the users, once logged in are able to move across the network and they can see some of their data.

I try to explain better the issue I encountered.
If me logged in as user on the site I registered the first time, I see all the pages like dashboard, my listings, etc.
If I move on another site of the same networks, I’m be able to see the dashboard etc as a user of the site, but the listings are different. In this scenario, the only data that is already shared is the data related to the membership, so if I submitted a listing to one of the sites, the count of the total listing of my membership is updated but the view of the “my listings” page is different per site. I hope I explained better the problem.

The idea on the base of my project is to have a network of real estate sites, targeting different locations. Ideally a user should have a single place where to insert and see his own listings, sharing all the info.

If there is not changes to get a similar result I think I should change the way I was thinking about my project.

Thank you for you time and courtesy.

Kind regards,