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    Hey there! Love the theme! I had three questions, which I’m really hoping you can assist me with. I updated this theme a while ago, and haven’t been able to work on it for a while, and now I’m working on it three months later, and I’ve forgotten how to do a couple of things 🙁

    1. In a property listing, how do I change the viewable height of the header/slider images. I modified it to where it’s about half the height, and now I am unable to change it. I looked high and low, and couldn’t find an answer on the forum.

    2. How do I adjust the Google map on a property listing page to where it zooms in more on the location and centers a little better?

    3. I add in images through the media library and attach it to the property listing. Then I add a separate image for the Featured Image. How do I do it to where the featured image doesn’t show on the property listing page itself as a thumbnail?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Shrooki

    I’m copying the reply here as well.

    For item 1 – If if you send me a link, I’ll advise on what CSS lines you modified.

    You can always download the latest theme version and update your version. Your changes in the code will be restored to default, if you made them in the theme files and not a child theme.

    For item 2 – The zoom level control is done in edit property page. I’m not sure what version you have not. Maybe you need to upgrade to have this option (it looks like this –

    For item 3 – I will need to see a live link for this (you can email me at [email protected]). It would be great if you can send me wp-admin as well. Maybe the image is the problem (it’s corrupted or not uploaded properly by WordPress). I can advise if I see the link live.

    Thank you

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