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    How you can make the category description show on taxonomy page – show as text on taxonomy page.

    Answer applies for theme version up to v 1.11

    Use this code here

    In taxonomy.php

    Place above filters (you copy the code above this line)

    <!-Filters start here->

    Thank you

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    So I use this code?

    <?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?>

    I’m looking in taxonomy.php and cannot find this:

    < !-Filters start here->

    Can you confirm what line it is on?

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    Have description in HTML, but hidden on taxonomy page:

    In Header.php you should add this code (inside head tag)

    if( is_tax() ) {
    echo ' <meta name="description" content="'.strip_tags( term_description('', get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) )).'" >';

    This will display the taxonomy description in header (html), for robots to index.

    Add description in taxonomy page for public view

    To add a taxonomy description on front end you need to edit normal_map_core.php or half_map_core.php (if you are using half map version)

    In there look for the is_tax if ( for ex at line 75 in normal_map_core.php) and add this code to display the description

     if( is_tax() ){
    echo term_description('', get_query_var( 'taxonomy' ) ) ;

    To add the date you need to use this instruction

    If you need different code instructions, please open a ticket in our private support system and will ask my colleagues to follow up –

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