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    Rob B

    Hi there,

    I am fairly experienced in WordPress and modifying themes, but I am wondering about the best way to do this so that I can alter the theme coding only minimally.

    Because the clients we are making this site for are entering a LOT of properties that are part of a small number of developments, it makes sense that the properties should share slideshows, rather than setting up individual galleries for every single property. For this reason, I am wondering if it is possible to add a Revolution Slider field to the Property post type as well as the page.

    This way, we could set up 7 or 8 slideshows in the Revolution Slider area, one for each development. So, for a development called Chatsworth, we might set up a slider called ‘chatsworth-development’ and add slides to it. Then in each of the 50 property entries in the development, we could simply enter ‘chatsworth-development’ in the Slider field and pull that slideshow in.

    I am using a child theme for WPEstate which is working well so far. I am sure that I could study the single-estate_property.php and page.php templates, and figure out how to pull the field data for the Property and add the correct Revolution Slider to the single-estate_property template.

    However, I am wondering what the safest way to add the functioning field is to the estate_property post type, especially if I am using a child theme. Is it possible to use my child theme’s functions.php file for this (or a custom site plugin)? Should I do it that way?

    Cheers and thanks!


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    Hi Rob,

    Revolution Slider is a plugin we provide out-of-the box, as developed by the programmers (Theme Punch). We didn’t do any programming for that, so I’m not sure if we can be of great help modifying it .

    But, please help me understand the bigger picture.

    What you want is to create a header slider that shows Properties published on the website. Of course, you want to control what properties you want to show in the slider.

    Is this right? This is an idea we had as well, just want to make sure it’s the same.

    That has to be done with advanced programming, but if you’re interested we can discuss a special custom work deal for this. First, let me know if this is correct.

    And then, if you’re interested in my idea, you can email me at [email protected]

    Thank you!

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    Rob B

    Hey Anna,

    We solved this and added the functionality we wanted. I’ll send you an email explaining what we did in the end. Maybe it’ll give you ideas for future editions of WPEstate!


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