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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to add some search functions into the Advanced Search Panel. I’ve removed type filters (Lines 87-98 from googlemapforms.php). I want to add features eg from the image below:

    Any help is really appreciated.

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    I;m not sure i understand what you want to add and where do you want to add , but

    The code for checkbox list is in libs/templates/adv-search1.php . For first row look around line 44 and for the second around line 61.

    Come back with more details if this is not what you need and good luck 🙂

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    Let me describe you this way:

    This is the current theme function:

    What I need is to list “amenities and features” e.g attic, wine cellar, gym, pool, balcony etc. instead of “properties categories” e.g apartments, condos, villas etc.

    Settings are located in googlemapforms.php at line 3-7. There’s a category for properties but there’s no category or section for the “amenities and features”

    My question was how to list “amenities and features” in the advanced search widget.Is there any easy way to list it or do I have to create another category for the “features”?

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    OK, I think i understand now.

    You have a looooooooot of work to do and you need to be fluent in php, html, css and js . These are general steps , doing this in detail will take a lot of time.

    first of look into single-estate_property.php around line 325 and see how the list of features and amenities is read.

    then in adv-search1.php – put the code that reads the features and add the checkboxes

    i suggest that all those checkbox inputs to be sent as array to advanced-search-results.php

    then in advanced-search-results.php you need to construct a query that will filter the listings according to your search input data.

    If you want the same behaviour on the map – you need to add those ammenities in a transporting array to js. This is done in function listing_pins() in pin-management

    The you need to read the click events on the new checkboxes and in the google js files to set visible/invisible the pins

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    I’ve followed different way tho. Listing the arrays into the advanced search option was much more easy.

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    Can you please tell me where I can set the default array for the “features listing?”
    If you don’t check the box on the front end, database record it as blank. ( see the attachment)

    I couldn’t find the code where you can set any default.

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    What do you mean by default array ? When is installed ?

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    Nevermind. Found it!

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    I don’t have the programming skill of Mockba, and I quickly realized that Advanced Search seems more like basic search when it doesn’t have the ability to search filters by Property Features such as “Furnished, Unsurnished, Serviced, Unserviced, Pool, Garage, Fitness Center, Tennis Court, etc. etc.
    I assume this is what Mockba is trying to accomplish and I was wondering if there are any plans for allowing users to create truly Advanced Search Pages. If we can already, I’m missing it.
    I noticed that in theme options there is the “Listings Custom Fields”, so it would seem like you were on track to implementing such an Advanced Search feature, but Alas I am at a loss.
    If I am missing something, please direct me. Otherwise, will we ever get truly Advanced Custom Search fields/pages.


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    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for the post.

    Adding Features and Amenities in Advanced Search is something we don’t have now, but we plan to add in the future, after we release the booking plugin. Wishlist looks like this:

    – booking plugin
    – email search alerts
    – features and amenities in advanced search (we will go with one type probably type 4 – because it has the most space)
    – user profile custom fields
    – floor plan plugin

    Thanks again for the suggestion.


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