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    I am building a site based on this theme ( Not using it for its traditional purpose I need to be able to do one of the following two things and would like some guidance:

    1) Remove the following options in the members area for all non admin users: “my property list”, “add new property” – only I as the administrator should be able to list these for the purposes of this site

    2) If the above is not possible, am I able to completely remove favourites button from listings? Since I would restrict people from signing up, this option would not be necessary.

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    Hi Kimberte,

    The website looks really nice.

    We actually want to make My properties and Add New Property optional in a next version. I think we will do this in 1.04

    If these pages will not be created, they will not show.

    Is it ok with you to wait until we finish this version, so you can update? Looking at the website I see you haven’t made code changes, and in this case updates will be very easy to do.

    Please keep me posted and in case you need this sooner than we release this update, I will guide you to modify the code.

    Thank you

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      Thanks for your reply, it is not pressing currently and presently I can wait for the update. If the need arises to have this change done sooner I will head back here.


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