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    Hi Anna,
    Please help on my blog list page height
    Capture<br />screenshot on pc<br /><br />

    I have been trying on


    max-height: none;
    height: auto; or 100%;
    overflow: hidden;

    but it did not work
    if you need my website access, please tell me

    Thank you very much

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    Hi Patsak,

    I looked at the URL and that page looks like that because of that search you added in the page (looks like a JS development, not CSS). I don’t believe we can help you fix that from the theme. I will consult with a JS developer and let you know his feedback in 1-2 days.

    If you use the Search Widget we have in the theme results show like this

    Thank you

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    Thank you very much Anna

    I m still working on it D:

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    Hi Anna,

    For your information, problem is solved

    Thank you

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