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    I have added “Town houses” as a category and “Holiday rentals” as an action . On the advance search box and also the search category bar these titles are a bit longer so the text is not staying inline (Please see image attached). Can you tell me how to fix this pls.

    –> Type this CSS in Custom CSS in wp-admin/Theme options/Design:

    .checker {
    width: 129px;

    I wish to change the title of some of these fields so there are also understandable to Europeans i.e. “County” want to have “County / Provence” shown on the label. Can you tell me how I do that pls? I also would like to remove some of the fields altogether such as “External construction” & “Roofing”

    —->We will be changing a little the user dashboard in v1.94 (scheduled to be released today/tomorrow) and the arrangement of items will be a little different since we’re adding membership option. We’ll be also adding drop-down for City and Area in user submission. This is just some info in case you want to wait to make changes in the form.

    —->The form itself is in wpestate/libs/templates/front-end-submission.php You can remove elements from there. You can also edit the titles there.

    —–>To edit the Taxonomy name (city and area/neighborhood) you need to edit different files, depending on the location. One is the file for user submission given above: wpestate/libs/templates/front-end-submission.php

    For advanced search, the file is in wpestate/libs/templates/adv-search1.php

    For advanced search sidebar, the file is in wpestate/libs/widgets/advanced_search.php

    I hope my answers are helpful. If you need additional assistance please let me know.

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