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    Hi there – is there a quick css code I could add to make the widgets appear centred on mobile devices…as it stands they are left justified…while the rest of the site is centred nicely.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Thank you for your message.
    The design in responsive and left aligned and we have fixed width for certain elements – no matter the screen resolution (like images or property unit) as a design choice. Images are better to have a fixed width/height to not consume a lot of bandwidth. And they should be kept small.
    I am afraid this design is part of our core now. If we find better solutions we will implement in our future updates, but at this moment this is the best design we could have considering our original design choices.
    Also we will keep in mind your suggestion and see if we can improve this in any way. We’re not saying no, it’s just we tried to do something and it failed because the theme is built on 4 columns for property units. Changing this implies changing a lot of design elements + html and we would need more time to plan this, if this were to be something we decide to do like this.

    Thank you,

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