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    I like to share 4 solutions, first our problems:

    I. Google fonts and maps often delay loading my WPresidence based site, because in S.E. Asia Google is blocked/hacked by governments notably by China and Indonesia (1 billion customers…).

    II. Currently WPresidence loads maps in the head of each property page , instead of Footer (probably because of jQuery framework and inline JS). I assume that is needed to allow in-frame picture/map/streetview display. As a result page dispay is delayed if Google is delayed.

    III. Probably because of the Membership payments offered by WPresidence we encounter hacking activity.

    IV. We encountered difficulties in creating Child theme files and integrating Woocommerce.

    Solutions we found and succesfully implemented (all free and/or premium).

    I. Map-Solution (premium):

    Replace the maps by that allows to load Maps via a script in the Footer and disable the commercial layers, ads layered in by Google. USers cal also switch to other sources like Bing and OpenMap

    II. Font-Solution (free):

    Replace the Google Fonts by Brick Fonts (Open Source). In WPresidence, just change the adress of Google server with Brick fonts server.

    III. Anti Hack-Solution:

    Ninja Firewall sits in front of the site, thus is more effective in blocking in-coming traffic.

    IV. CSS file and plug-in solution

    Child Theme Configurator (CTC) allows you to select both Theme and Plug-in CSS files from a long list created by this application. It then enqueues (and prioritizes) all automatically. You copy/paste your changes from Web developer tools in Firefox or Chrome directly into the CTC bucket that neatly shows all these changes in columns before you accept those changes. That’s basically all there is to it.

    Recommendation to the WPestate team:

    1. Offer premium add-ons that are pre-integrated into WPresidence. So customers can use the basic WPresidence by Anna (Cheap and Fast) or choose/configure a Wpresidence Premium version (Good and Faster!) by activating pre-integrated premium plug-ins. And of course we pay extra for that. And of course Wpestate get the sales commission.


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