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    I have a kind of pre-sale question…

    For to start my new project, i need to offer the possibility to change the countries where i offer my service.

    Is it possible with your Theme (WP Residenz) AND with the delivered plugins, to use the multisite-function from WP?

    I want to create a landing page, where i have the severals countrys as icons for to choose from, after click on it, it will redirect me to the next page.

    What you suggest for a setting? Subdomain or Subdirectory? Furthermore, i want to know, if it is possible to show featured listings from all subdomains/subdirectorys on the Main-landing page…

    Thank you!


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    oh…and i forget about the search-function! Under what condition will be the search-function working on a Multisite-setup?

    E.g i search for 3 Bathrooms, will this be working for ALL properties, not depend if it is a subdomain/subdirectory?

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    Maybe as a user I can help answer this. Multisite are indpendent sites, thery’re just connected in the back-end so you won’t have to log in and out all the time to maintain different sites. Multisite with 3+ sites is very resourceful because of the java used for Wpresidence, won’t work. But it’s also not needed. Check demo for ‘properties per city’ pages, you can use those as country pages. You also then benefit from Advanced Search.

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