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    Me again!

    I’m trying to find out where an html element comes from as I can’t find it on the actual templates.

    The item in question is –

    <div id=”post”

    This appears to have a height set to it (style=”height: 2076px”>) but I can’t seem to find this to delete it??

    Reason for deleting is that I want it removed for a print friendly stylesheet (the site forces you to print off two pages when the 2nd is blank) and I sometimes end up with an odd looking style error such as on this page near the bottom

    I was simply going to replace that style element with a min-height item in the .css file

    Hope you understand my ramblings

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    Hi James

    It’s nice to hear from you.

    I see this CSS

    #post {
    height: auto!important;
    min-height: 2600px!important;

    But it’s coming from something you have probably installed to manage custom css, because the preview shows me this

    /* Enter Your Custom CSS Here */

    #post { height: auto!important; min-height: 2600px!important; }

    And it’s line one.

    And I looked in the default theme style.css There is no reference of 2076 – and I am not sure it’s coming from CSS. Maybe it’s something else.

    I didn’t see the print either. But if you think I can help let me know.


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