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    Hi Anna,,(hope you are well)

    is there another way of getting featured properties on the home page , rather than use the ID numbers in the shortcode?

    I really do not think my client is going to be able to cope with going into the backend and changing the ID number. It would be cool of there was a way of doing this in an easier to use control panel .or in the property listings details

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    Hi John

    You posted in WP RESIDENCE so I assume you have WP RESIDENCE.

    In 1.031 we have featured display YES/NO in Recent Items shortcode and Recent Listings shortcode.

    In 1.04 we added also Recent Items slider with yes/no for properties.

    So there are plenty options to list just featured property without ID.

    If you wish to use the Featured Property shortcode, that is just for 1 property and it’s mostly to showcase a particular property (not necessarily a property with status featured).

    Hope it makes sense 🙂

    Thank you

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