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    Hello Anna !

    I purchased your amazing template and already asked you few questions, but here is my big email with the very last questions i have before putting my website online 🙂 I try to be very clear so that you don’t need to ask me for any further information 🙂 I also emphasize the fact that i spend a lot of time on the support forum before asking you those questions.

    My website:

    1. Header

    How can i have a header on the homepage but NOT in a product détail page please ? I mean, i want a header here : but not here : (or any product if this page doesn’t work when you have this mail) : when a map is set as a header, how can i delete « Previous » and « Next » buttons on the top right of the map please ?

    2. Submit a property (which is actually a product on my project) : I would like some fields to be required, such as the price, the category, the state etc. So far, it is not required (i tried to put no price and still the product is saved)

    In the submission page, there are two columns. I would like to have every fields in a single column because i fount it easier for the user, so that he doesn’t forget to fill all the fields 🙂

    Google map on the submission page. Strange problem here : i don’t want to give my adress here on a forum, but when i write my adress, it does’nt put the pin in my street, but on the city hall of my city ! I found one adress so that you can understand what i am talking about : 20 Avenue des Chartreux, Marseille, France. On google map website, it works fine, but on the map of the submit property page, it shows a pin on Marseille city hall. Actually, after many tries, i can say that the pin in displayed as if it was « Marseille », and not « 20 Avenue des Chartreux, Marseille, France ». If you type Marseille on google map, it will display the pin on the city Hall. BUT, the problem doesn’t appear with all the places, that’s why i find it very weird. One last thing that may help you : i tried fews days ago this : , so maybe i did something wrong which explain the problems i have now…

    3. Property list : why is there an empty space at the bottom of the page, as if a product was missing ? There are 3 products in the first line, 3 in the second line, but only 2 in the third and last line…BUT there is a page 2, which is weird…

    4. User sidebar

    This is a very important part of my projet : i know how to display the user in the sidebar of the product page, but i have to do it manually each time (back office , assign property to user). But can’t be automatic ? That would mean that when a product is accepted by the admin, it displays on the site with the user on the sidebar and the contact form to reach him / her.

    Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for this long email 🙂


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    Hi Raph
    Thank you for your comment.
    We have answered you at above on our private support system.
    On future please use our support system if you wish our assistance – this is a general interest forum where clients can share their custom solutions if they wish to.

    Client support is here –

    Thank you

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