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    The google map feature is GREAT, but am wondering something here that I do not know if that can be fixed or not when it comes to the clusters.

    If you have a cluster that says for instance “3”, when unchecking, for instance, “Condos” and there is one condo within that area, can the number then go down to 2 instead?.

    So, when unckecking condos, the cluster shouldnt count the condos, if you know what i mean?

    Best regards

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    Hi Joakim,

    I know what you mean. Unfortunately, the Cluster can’t syncronize with the filters. The circle shows the properties pinned on the map, whether or not the filters are checked. It’s a known behavior and can’t be overwritten.

    That’s why we added on/off control for cluster, zoom level control for when the cluster shows, on/off control for the filters. It’s the most flexibility we could offer.

    Hope this helps.


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