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    Hi. Congratulations for this great theme.
    Is there any way to group properties?
    We rent many offices and garages, and we have many offices in the same building, so we need a way to show the building in the map, but not show every office.


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    Hi Sargantana,

    Thank you for the comment and for purchasing the theme.

    We only have the Google Maps cluster to group more pins together. In google maps settings you have Pin Cluster and Max zoom level for cloud clustee to appear.

    And then people can use the next/previous arrows to browser through pins, even if they are in the same location.

    Hope it helps.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for your kind answer, Anna

    I’m not sure that Google Maps cluster will help me. We own entire office buildings, and we rent about 20 offices in a building. I will try.

    Is there any other option? I have read in your .po file something about “parent property”, but I don’t find in settings anything with this topic.

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    The name “parent property” is used for a text label.

    If you have multiple pins in the same location, the cluster is the only solution at this moment.

    Hope you can find a workaround with this solution. We will read about other solutions to see if we can find other ways to show multiple pins.

    Thank you

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