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    a. You use the Custom Taxonomies pages created by WordPress for each category/action/city/area. In this screenshot You will see that in MENU Page there is SETTINGS (in header). Open that and add custom taxonomies to menu options.

    b. You create a page with Properties List – custom page template and you select in property page settings the category(s), action(s), city(s) and area(s), also the filter and/or if only featured are selected.
    Help –!/properties

    Then, from Menus you add these pages to your menu list.

    c. You create pages with the Recent Items shortcode and then add the pages to the menu!/recent_items

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    Thanks Anna

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    There isn’t an option to do this for county/state. I think the county/state category is newer, is this why it is not included?

    I want to have a separate page for each state. But when I go to create a new page and click a property template, there is no option to select county/state.

    I then tried to just make a link like this[]=&minimum-price=&maximum-price=&bedrooms=&bathrooms=&roofing=&zip-code=

    But it is loading the same results even though I change the state abbreviation.

    Any ideas?

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    I loved it, it really helps me a lot. thank you for posting the guide Anna.

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    some pages with listing by category and action don’t work on my site.
    i’ve verified features chosen for page and property, all is normal.
    you can see on :
    there is no property using nav bar but work using advanced search
    can you help me please?

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