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    -I’d like to find out how I can have a new field that will group ‘cities’ by ‘provinces’.

    —> This is extended customization and can only be done if you are comfortable with php and wordpress api. Here are the steps : first you need to create a new taxonomy called provinces. After this taxonomy is in place you need to clone the area behavior (the one where you assign an area to a city). Look over the code written in property.php line 730

    -Have field ‘areas’ only appear if it’s parent field ‘city’ is selected.

    —> I think you need to assign a city for each area. Go into WordPress admin, properties -> areas and click to edit an area, You have a “which city has this area” select where you can pick the city. To this for all areas.
    -change advance search fields to have pre selected defaults on the drop down menu

    This is not something you can do from theme administration but is something you can do if you know php
    Here is how :
    In libs/help_functions.php you have these functions
    each on is responsible for a dropdown. You will have to edit the code in order to have some fields selected as default..

    -insert captcha on contact forms for properties

    —> This is not need anymore – we use a a thing called “nounce” from wordpress api that does the same thing as any captcha will do but without having the user filling the the code field

    Thank you

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    Has anyone done this already? I would love to add provinces to my theme. Instead of starting from scratch I could use some code already written. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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