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    I am using your theme on my client’s website and the image thumbnails on any of the property listing pages do not connect to the individual property listings. An example of this issue can be found here Try clicking on any of the three thumbnails and you will see that the links do not connect to the property pages. The titles displayed below the thumbnails do work though. Also, the image thumbnails on the homepage connect correctly to the individual property pages. See for an example. No code has been changed in theme. Any thoughts on why this is not working? Thank you.

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    Hi Mike,

    Looking at your properties list page, i see that your page doesn’t have our filters (

    Have you removed them? Or do you have an older theme version that didn’t have the filters?

    If you have an older version, it would be helpful to upgrade to the latest version. If you need help with the upgrade, send me a note.

    If you removed them, what changes did you do? And we’ll need FTP access to look the the template for properties list to see the cause, and why there is no link.

    I’ll be waiting for your reply. You can also email me at [email protected]

    We’re now traveling and we won’t be able to reply until Jan 17-18, but as soon as I’m back online I’ll follow up on your feedback.

    Thank you

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    Thank you for the reply. The checkbox filters are still in place, but the drop down filters are not. I am not sure if this is related to the version of the theme or not. The version currently in use is 1.6 I know the theme should be updated to the latest release, but I will have to check with the client before we proceed.

    When I compare the rendered HTML code on my client’s property list page to the code on the Estate’s theme demo page, it looks the same for the thumbnail links. There are no anchor links and each figcaption has a data-link attribute.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    The problems are caused by a missing or modification of javascript files. You have several errors that you can be seen by using Chrome – right click – inspect element -console

    For example
    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method ‘on’ gumby.min.js:146
    [cycle] terminating; zero elements found by selector

    If you didn’t change any js code is suggest to reupload the js files (all js folder) and try again. These are the js files from your current theme version.

    Let me know how it works.

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