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    Hi Anna!
    I hurried, and updated to WordPress 3.8.
    After revealed another problem Avatars in the comments on the page and god before records are missing.

    As I understand it in the comments this line is responsible for displaying the avatar:

                    $avatar = get_avatar_url(get_avatar($comment, 60));
                    print '<div class="blog_author_image singlepage" style="background-image: url(' . $avatar . ');"></div>';

    You can tell me what to change to make them appear. Thanks in advance!

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    Just one suggestion :
    Check first your wordpress settings : Admin Dashboard >> Settings>> Discussion –> Avatars –>Avatar Display –> is “Show Avatars” checked ?

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    Yes of course, we should “Show Avatars”.

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    Hi Puiu,

    Thank you very much for helping with the comments on forum 🙂 I’m very grateful for the help.

    Dear Vlad,

    I updated to v3.8 as well and the images display in blog list. Can I see your live link again please?

    Thank you

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    Hi Vlad,

    Haven’t figured this one yet. Still under review.

    Thank you,

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    I had the same issue too, used a gravatar for the profile URL (vs full sized image) and refreshed browser cache… then it showed up.

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    Hi Andrew, thank you for the comment.

    Vlad, I believe it’s something related to one of the plugins installed. I tested just WPESTATE profile image, added with gravatar account, on multiple websites (not just ours, but also clients) and the image added in gravatar account shows.

    On our test websites, with wordpress 3.9, the author link image shows like this:

    background-image: url(‘…’);

    on your domain, it shows like this:

    background-image: url(”);


    If it’s just caching, as Andrew says, then maybe disabling the caching plugins will do the trick. I don’t want to disable your plugins as you’ve done many changes. I recommend you do this test.

    Another test I would do it to disable all plugins (leave just WPESTATE theme), make sure cache is cleared and then see how it goes from there. If the image shows author gravatar image, just with WPESTATE – no plugins), then start enabling plugins 1 by 1 and see which one is responsible.

    Please keep me posted on progress.

    Thank you!

    PS: very nice work done with the website 🙂 Congratulations.

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    Thank you! Was all the fault of the plugin “DB Cache Reloaded Fix”
    Will need to look for an alternative.
    About the website, thank you Anna! But it’s all thanks to you well done theme. You are modestly concealed that it works fine and “BuddyPress” and “bbpress”. It was a pleasant surprise for me.
    You have to position it as more pluses threads and extend the specification with the property to the directory, etc. 🙂
    I think there would be more customers. I think my site is obtained from the catalog of good quality and the future of the community forum, and all sorts of other amenities. 🙂

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    Hi Vlad,

    I’m so happy it’s solved 🙂 Thank you very much for the follow up and kind comments.

    Your feedback has always been important to us. You know that 🙂

    Happy holidays! And talk to you soon.


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