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    Hi Anna,

    I just tried setting up something that might be considered “customer service” and it didn’t work as expected.

    I have “Front End Users As Agents” ON, which I don’t want, but needed for my example, though it is not relevant to the problem per se’.

    I want to be able to provide some Agents with a subscription service which they do not have to pay for. So I have a HIDDEN subscription. This subscription has UNLIMITED listings and a set # of FEATURED listings, currently at 10.

    I created a new user.

    In Dashboard/User, I changed settings and submitted the subscription code (PACKAGE ID) for the UNLIMITED package.

    I then set LISTINGS AVAILABLE to null (empty – no setting) and I set FEATURED LISTINGS to null (empty – no setting).

    This seems to work just fine, as when I log in as “the user”, it shows the user has LISTING INCLUDED – UNLIMITED. LISTINGS AVAILABLE – UNLIMITED.

    However, FEATURED INCLUDED shows 10, and FEATURED AVAILABLE shows 0. Featured did not auto update.

    BUT, the big problem is, when I try to ADD NEW PROPERTY, I get this message…
    Your current package doesn’t let you publish more properties! You need to upgrade your membership. Yet again I confirm, I have LISTINGS AVAILABLE showing unlimited (that’s buggy.)

    So it seems that a manually provided subscription has some minor problems.

    So I changed the User settings once more to give LISTINGS AVAILABLE = unlimited, and FEATURED AVAILABLE = 10.

    Now, logging in as User I get pretty much the same, except that now FEATURED AVAILABLE is 10. But still, I get:
    Your current package doesn’t let you publish more properties! You need to upgrade your membership. Though I have both Regular and Featured listings available.


    I decided to do everything Uber Manual..
    I decided to change the Package to 100 Listings / 10 Featured.
    Then I set User Settings to show:

    Now all is working and “the user” can now add properties.

    There is definitely a problem and it seemed important enough for consideration because it will also effect customer service when someone has a problem that needs manually editing their subscription, or when providing free subscriptions (maybe for a disappointed customer). Overriding the subscription AND requiring the implementation of LISTINGS AVAILABLE and FEATURED AVAILABLE in the User Profile Settings MIGHT have adverse effects on how their subscription service is calculated since it has to be done by hand OR simply cause a few headaches for administration.


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    Hi Tony,

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get the chance to read through this post to follow up.

    If you are trying to manually add a package to a user, then you need to manually add package id, package start, listings included, featured included. That is how it works. I am not sure if this is what you are asking me, so tomorrow, with a fresh brain, I will read again and follow up again.

    Thank you

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    Hi Tony,

    Admin should not be manually adding packages unless he wishes to do that, and if he does he must follow the steps from above.

    You say you add manually listings and they don’t show in front end. I need to see a link where you added that to understand what could be wrong in settings.

    I can review this next week if you send me the details.

    Thank you

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    Hello Anna, i have the same problem as Tony, I created a package named “Ultimate” which contains an unlimited number of listings to be applied for certain user (Admins) but when giving them access to this specific right, it gives an error saying “Your current package doesn’t let you publish more properties! You need to upgrade your membership.”

    To reproduce the issue, you have just to create a package with unlimited listing, attribute the package ID to a user and try to see when connected to the front end to create a listing…

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you in advance

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    Please see this topic how to manually add packages to users

    Thank you

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    Tony, did you figured out how to get it to work right? I have this issue as well, exactly like you described.

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