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    El Catering


    We have problems with our website when it works in alternative languages.

    Propieties are shown in catalan website, but don’t in spanish or inglish. Do you know why? Can you hel us, please?

    We are using Poedit and WPML to make the translations.

    Thanks you so much.

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    Hi El Catering,

    Each post has to be translated in WPML in each language.

    Same as each category, action, city, area.

    Same as each agent, blog post, page and so on.

    If you don’t see the page in the corresponding language it means it’s not translated.

    I would refer you to WPML help, but it’ s very complicated to read.

    If you send me wp-admin username, pass and the link I will try to give you some directions based on your current progress with WPML.

    My email is [email protected]

    Thank you

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    El Catering

    Sorry Anna, i think i didn’t explain myself correctly:

    Everything we have translated is correctly shown on its corresponding page. The problem is not shown on the map. The map only works properly in the primary language. In other two, it doesn’t work.

    Would you know what could be happening?

    I’m very lost with all this 🙁
    Thanks you so much!

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    Ok, I think I know what happens. You need pins uploaded for the 2nd language. Same for the 3rd language. And so on. It’s because the custom taxonomies translated have new IDs when translated with WPML, and wordpress needs to have a pin for each category/id.

    Go to theme options – Pin management. Select the 2nd language from the drop-down. And upload pins for that language. save.

    If you need my help, send me wp-admin and I will give a hand.

    Thank you

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