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    Hi Anna,

    I just purchased your theme. Looking forward to setting it up.

    Do you have any specifics or recommendations on having the best possible load speed.

    What can I do on the server side? Ultimately it depends on the website visitor and their connection, but I want to make sure I am doing what i can on my side. I have basic hosting package from my webhost. Maybe I should upgrade, but what should I be looking at?

    thank you!

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    Hi Jose,

    Thank you for the comment. Here are my recommendations based on my technical experience.

    Theme Side:
    – when you add new icons/pins than what we offer in demo, make sure the images are optimized and have as little size as possible.
    – I used for demo images

    – make sure that all categories, actions or action+category selected for properties published on the website and on the map have a pin attached.

    – You can also enable Map caching – it’s in Theme Options (but in case you add new properties, the new pins will show after cache is renewed, so you have to pay attention to this one)

    Server side:

    – if you have many properties and many visitors at the same time, uploading and downloading speed matters a lot. So your user’s download speed is important, but the server upload speed is important at the same time.

    – We have a dedicated server and the server services are not limited. But shared hosting packages are limited (as you’re being hosted with hundreds of other clients on the same machine)

    At the beginning, start with small. But upgrade and ask for more hosting resources if you feel the website is not performing as you wish.


    Other recommendations you can use:

    – don’t add images larger than necessary. You can even use a plugin to resize your uploaded photos to a set height/width. I like this one – Resize Image After Upload –

    – If you don’t plan to customize the theme files, you can use third party plugins to minify js and css (this is a forum topic about this

    We have a special HTACCESS file for server performance. I can send it to you and use it as well. Just email me at [email protected]

    Hope all this info is useful.


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